Self Service Dog Wash

No appointment necessary; first come, first serve.
Come to beautify your dog at our new self-wash stations and avoid the stress, mess, and uncomfortableness from bathing at your home. We have two stations equipped with waist-high tubs, the right water temperature, steps to get your dog in the tub, and a restraint to keep your dog secure during the bath. We also provide a separate drying table equipped with an air dryer, limitless towels supply, and a restraint.
Prices vary depending on size but all washes include: 3 shampoo & conditioner options, towels, water resistant aprons, brushes, and face wash conducted by staff. We offer the same shampoo & conditioner products that have been used for the last 20 years in our
full-grooming services. This way we can assure the quality and benefits of the products that will have your dog looking and feeling their best!

Small (under 15 lbs) $17
Medium (15-40 lbs) $20
Large (over 40 lbs) $23

$15.00 Extra charges apply  for heavy coated pets that leave a mess behind (mud, hair, water, etc) 

Shampoo & Conditioner options:
A) Coconut hypoallergenic Great for sensitive skin/fresh smell
B) Very Berry Blueberry/Great for whitening
C) Bugs Off For Flea & Tick followed by oatmeal
D) I’m itchy Oatmeal Shampoo and creme rinse

$7 Add-ons (each): 

Teeth Brushing

$15 Add-ons (each) o 2 for 25.00
Nail Trimming

Anal Glands

Paw-Pad trimming Haircut per area

Ear cleaning

You can also download the CLOVER app to keep track of services, obtain points, and
receive a FREE bath, after 8 paid washes.
**Please not the last dog accepted for self-wash is 45 minutes before closing.

Now you may be wondering why would I want to do it
myself and somewhere else?

  • Overall bonding experience between you and your dog
  • Convenient tubs to avoid discomfort
  • No mess to clean up at home
  • Get home from activities (park, beach, etc.) with a clean dog
  • Avoid double washing by your dog getting dirty before he/she is dry
  • Get your pet dry faster by removing extra water with our Fido Max 1 air dryer.