The Pet Palace is a full grooming service facility that uses only high quality products to achieve
a nice, healthy coat for dogs and cats.

Our Full Grooming Services include:
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Haircuts
– Nail Trimming
– Ear Cleaning
– Anal Glands Expression
– Flea Treatments
– Oil Treatments
– Teeth Brushing

All grooming sessions ( FULL GROOMING & WASH) include premium shampoo, conditioner, nails, ears, and anal glands; teeth brush is a $5 add-on. Please note the following prices are base rate and can vary depending on the size, breed, hair condition and frequency of grooming.

Pricing  For Full Grooming
XS (under 10 lbs.) $50-$75
S (10-15 lbs.) $60-$85
M (15-25 lbs.) $65-$95
L (25-60 lbs.) $80-$115
XL (over 60 lbs.) $90-$145
Yes! We do cats too!
CAT GROOMING $100-$140=== Cat Only Bath 80-90

Large dogs short hair (like labs and mix breeds) Bath/nail/ears $60 to 70 NO TRIMMING

Sorry, we don’t take Chow Chows, Huskies or double coated dogs.

We only do light brushing, we don’t do DE-TANGLING, only shaved downs.

Call us to ask for a quote today! Appointments are necessary most of the time given that we usually get booked especially during the weekends. Extra charges may apply for extra work.

No appointment necessary for individual services such as nail trimming, anal glands, teeth brushing or ear cleaning.

***Cats must be used to grooming and friendly to be accepted. $25.00 fee for pets that won’t let us groom them.